May 23, 2012

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Moe Can Change! anime promo online

Moe Can Change! anime promo online

The official YouTube channel for Ambition’s Moe Can Change! ~Zero Story~ original video anime began streaming the fourth character promotional video on Wednesday. The 63-second video introduces Hakase’s Miroid named Sarari (played by Asuka Ōgame). Sarari is very interested in human society and when she comes across a concept she doesn’t understand she immediately asks about it. The video also features Rina Hidaka’s opening theme song “NO RULE ~ Chō-Listen!”

Ambition previously streamed three promotional videos for the characters Chie, Kanna Moegi, and Anna Moegi.

Takeo Takahashi directed Spice and Wolf, Yosuga no Sora, and Mayo Chiki! before helming Moe Can Change! at Frontier Works with Spice and Wolf character designer Kazuya Kuroda. The Ambition game company’s staff is scripting the anime. Arte Refact is performing the anime’s ending theme song.

The original “playful bishōjo Miroid-raising/clothes-changing moe game” has the player joining a beta test program for androids, who the player must raise and dress up as girls.

The anime will ship on DVD in Japan on May 25. The DVD was originally scheduled to be released on April 26 but the official website notes that it was delayed due to “production issues.”

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