Jul 13, 2014

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Momo Kyun Sword

Oh Jesus… This is some incredible stuff. The fan service is incredible. From start to end its nothing but big pairs of breasts bouncing all over the place. Perverts (you know if you are one) will probably love this one just for the artwork.

Momo Kyun SwordThe characters might as well just be completely naked. They are wearing so little and whatever it is that they wear doesn’t really cover anything up. What’s more, I have a feeling that it’s going to get a lot worse as we come across new character.

Absolutely not original. The story about Momotaro, a boy that gets born from a peach and has a monkey, dog and bird as companions, is very old. The author just took that story and sexed it up beyond belief by changing the main character into a busty girl with very little clothing.

I cannot recommend this whatsoever. It kind of rapes a good old story in a very nasty way. I doubt this story will ever turn out to be interesting or even remotely good, so I cannot recommend this.

Plot Summary: Based off the Japanese folktale “Momotaro”, the story features a girl named Momoko who was born inside a giant peach. She was adopted by an old couple and grew up to be a voluptuous teen. Her three friends are animal Gods Inukami (dog), Sarukami (monkey), and Kijigami (pheasant) who she can fuse with any of them to become a powerful magical girl. The demon king’s army is searching for fragments of a treasure that protects the land. Momoko must find the “peach fragments” to save her loved ones from the clutches of the demon king.

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