Jul 10, 2013

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Monogatari Series: Second Season

Ah… More content of the ever-so-popular Monogatari series… How nice. I admit that I’ve seen pretty much everything of the Monogatari series, and that I’ve pretty much enjoyed it as well, but I have always thought that the user ratings were a bit too high.

Monogatari Series Second SeasonYou could very well say that it’s the artwork that made the series so popular. It’s quite unique, I must say. It really reminds me of Mirror’s edge, even now. Very nice indeed. However, I must admit that I often get annoyed by how aggressive the artwork is. It’s definitely not suited for people with epilepsy.

The story is really nothing special, I think. It’s your average ecchi-filled comedy with a hint of romance mixed in. I really do believe that it’s the artwork that makes this series so special.

I do recommend this, provided you’ve seen the previous season. The show will keep you entertained, that’s for sure, but you have to be a fan of the artwork. Some people, including myself, find the artwork quite aggressive. It’s not aggressive enough for me to stop watching though.

Plot Summary: Koyomi Araragi is a student who has recently survived a vampire attack, with the help of his friend Hanekawa Tsubasa. Now, he finds that she has been possessed by an oddity called the Curse Cat, and is now attacking people, including her parents. He must now find a way to help get rid of the Curse Cat.

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