Jul 12, 2015

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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Yeah, this is going to be madly popular in Japan. Those people are crazy about tentacle sex and whatnot, so it goes without saying that they’d also love busty monster-girls. Perverts everywhere are yanking their planks.

Monster Musume no Iru NichijouThe artwork is okay. I do not understand why they have to censor everything because it’s such an erotic show. It’s kind of pointless to have a show that’s mainly about sex with monster-girls and then censor every bit of it. I’m not saying that they should show it all, but at least soft-core stuff…

The story is going to be a mess. Monster-girl after monster-girl is going to show up and they’ll all end up fighting over the protagonist. That’s how these stories work. One big monster-girl harem for the protagonist to admire, seeing as he’s not allowed to defile either of them.

Ecchi and comedy fans; eat your heart out. You’ll be pleased with something like this. It looks nice and the story is so pointlessly erotic that you’ll probably never get bored.

Plot Summary: Three years ago, the world learned that harpies, centaurs, catgirls, and all manners of fabulous creatures are not merely fiction; they are flesh and blood – not to mention scale, feather, horn, and fang. Thanks to the “Cultural Exchange Between Species Act,” these once-mythical creatures have assimilated into society, or at least, they’re trying. When a hapless human teenager named Kurusu Kimihito is inducted as a “volunteer” into the government exchange program, his world is turned upside down. A snake-like lamia named Miia comes to live with him, and it is Kurusu’s job to take care of her and make sure she integrates into his everyday life.

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