Aug 5, 2011

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Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Another one of those ‘few-minutes-per-episode’ shows. Seriously, these kinds of animes don’t interest me. You have to wait a week each time just to see a few minutes of anime, that’s just wrong. You can never build up an exciting story like that, unless you paste like 4 – 5 episodes together (providing the show has an significant amount of episodes).

Anyway, it looks pretty decent, although I do find the main character dull-looking. The storyline isn’t that bad either, although I don’t think a show about a girl who rarely speaks or interacts could win any awards.

Plot Summary: Morita Mayu, a high school girl. She is extremely reticent and her silence and habit of looking at people’s eyes straightly sometimes cause misunderstanding. The reason behind it is not because she doesn’t like to talk nor because she has nothing to say. The reason she rarely speaks is due to the fact she thinks too much before speaking, thus losing the timing to speak altogether. But she lives a happy school life with her classmates.

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