Jul 29, 2013

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My Anime Blog’s second birthday!

My Anime Blog’s second birthday!

Jeez, these last two years just flew by. I must say quite honestly that I never expected to keep this up for two whole years. The plan for restarting my anime blog was to blog about everything and nothing anime-related for a year or so and see what happens.

Today it’s been two years since I restarted this blog again and I have yet to look back. Blogging has helped me through a lot of hardships by allowing me to focus my attention elsewhere, like when I broke a little bone in my right hand…

Also, I never even dreamed of having thousands and thousands of visitors each day, not to mention the thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This blog pretty much exceeded all my expectations.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people that visit my blog, that follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and to those that take time out of their lives to write me an e-mail every now and again. Thank you all! May this blog flourish for yet another year!

  1. Epiderum says:

    Well done bud! Keep up the good work!

    – Epi

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