Apr 10, 2013

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Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san

It’s not bad for an anime short, but I’ve definitely seen a lot better come by. I might actually continue watching the remaining few episodes as well, considering that I laughed quite a lot during the first episode, which is something I rarely do during anime shorts.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-sanThe artwork isn’t that bad. The characters look hilarious. You can tell that the animators tried to bring out their sexiness, but that just fails. It’s way too funny to be sexy, not even when that busty blonde takes take screen.

The story, well… There barely is one. Just sit back and enjoy the show, that’s all I can say about this one. That being said, it’s kind of sad when I tell you that this story is actually better than a lot of other anime out there. That’s just really sad…

Do you like to laugh? Then go ahead and give it a go. I did and I laughed, that’s pretty much all I can tell you.

Plot Summary: Mukoujima Takurou is a lonely teenager who spends his time fishing at the pier and, to his incredible surprise, fishes up Muromi, a mermaid. Muromi first off doesn’t realize she’s a mermaid until she meets Takurou. Not only that, she is incredibly dense and crazy and has a drinking problem to top it off. Now every time Takurou goes fishing, Muromi appears and makes life interesting for him.

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