Aug 11, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 224

Naruto Shippuuden, always golden. It’s a great anime, I even follow the manga to date, which I rarely do.

So this in episode Tsunade requested that Naruto, Sakura, Chouji and Ino set sail for an island, in order to gather and retrieve many herbs and such to help them for the upcoming war.

Little did they know that they were not the only ones on that island. You see, three other shinobi from another nation had already been harvesting all sorts of things on the island, leaving Konoha’s team practically empty-handed.

So the harvesting of herbs suddenly becomes a ‘race-against-time-competition’ leaving Konoha’s team behind with a huge disadvantage, for they do not know the location of all the items on their list, unlike the other Shinobi.

As time passes, the gang starts to realize that no matter where they go to harvest, they have been beaten to it. Until they reach a cave, home of the Elixir Mud, and see that the other shinobi are also having a difficult time obtaining it, due to the poison gas that’s being released all over the place.


Naruto, being is old goofy self, didn’t waste time and used his shadow-clone jutsu to try and obtain the mud, but failed in the end. But, what seemed to be a failed attempt, turned out to be great for the other shinobi, because thanks to Naruto, they managed to find a safe path to the mud. Once these shinobi obtained the mud, this giant lizzard popped from under the ground, attacking the shinobi. The shinobi didn’t waste time by standing there, they immediately fled. With the help of Naruto’s shadow-clone jutsu, they managed to escape the cave safely.

Being very grateful for being saved by Naruto, they decided to share some of their harvest with the gang, in order to help the recently formed allied shinobi force in their upcoming struggle against Madara and his followers.

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