Sep 1, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 227

Although this was yet another filler, I do have to say that it was quite an amusing one. I dislike fillers, they’re a pain in the ass. But I do understand that it’s a necessary evil, in order to give the manga more time to get ahead.

In this episode you’ll find that Naruto and the others are still on that damned boat. Out of nowhere a storm approached, causing the boat to shake in every direction, followed by the appearance of some giant bird that takes Guy Sensei to some island. Naruto and the others decided to follow them to this island, only to discover it’s terrible secrets.

They decided to split up, Naruto and Yamato stayed together, as to be expected, while Aoba decided to follow some girl. Naruto and Yamato encountered several Giant bugs until they finally found the bird’s nest, where they find Guy Sensei teaching baby birds how to dance.

Meanwhile Aoba is still following that girl, whilst slowly discovering the truth about that island. As it turns out, that island is one big experiment,  merely to create the ultimate summoning animal. If that’s true, than that would mean that all the animals that they’ve encountered so far were all summoning animals. He continues to follow that girl in to some sort of cave, hidden in a volcano, where he finds it; the so-called ultimate summoning animal. Luckily for him that it’s fast asleep, because we have no idea what it’s capable of. Aoba uses one of his technique’s to look into the creature’s past, where he discovers the truth about everything, including that mysterious girl. It seems that she was meant to seal that animal, to keep it under control.

Naruto, Yamato and Guy  finally caught up with Aoba, along with some of their animal friends. This somehow triggered the awakening of the so-called ultimate summoning animal. He devoured two animals, who followed Naruto and the rest into that cave, in a matter of seconds. The creature was hungry as hell, so he decided to try and eat everything in sight. Naruto and the rest couldn’t do anything but evade the attacks and try to stay alive whilst Naruto gathers nature energy to activate his Sage-Mode. Apparently that creature has the ability to absorb the abilities of every living thing it eats. It could also use Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, making it almost unbeatable.

But all hope was not yet lost. They somehow needed to get that creature to fall into the hot lava. That mysterious girl, who turned out to be a mere embodiment of the thoughts that she had left behind, decided to step up to the plate and managed to temporarily seal the creature’s movements. Naruto, having finally gathered enough nature energy to active his Sage-Mode for a short while, had barely enough nature energy to create his famous Wind-Style Rasenshuriken. He launched the Rasenshuriken towards that creature and hit it head-on, causing it to fall into the hot lava.

Naruto once again saved the day. Let’s all hope that the world is freed from that creature’s existence, permanently.  And above all else; let us all hope that these damned fillers end soon and that the story will once again follow the manga’s guideline.

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