Sep 8, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 228

Ugh… Must. Remain. Calm. These annoying fillers are getting to me. It’s one thing to air fillers, but it’s a whole new thing when those fillers exist of nothing but comedy bullshit.

Sure, last episode was a filler too, but at least that one had a nice story that might be useable in the main storyline or for a Naruto Shippuuden movie. But this week’s episode is nothing more than a twenty minute ride of bitter disappointment.

While Naruto and the rest of the crew are still on that damned ship, we take a look at Rock Lee’s progress. But we couldn’t do that without watching some sort of dreadful cartoon version of his dreams involving Madara. It was horrible. But the general plot of this episode is about Rock Lee and Guy’s training. They both wake up in the same bed without any memories of the night before. It seems Kakashi baited Guy into reading books in order to train his visualization skills.

Guy seemed to have obtained an menu from last night’s restaurant and thinks that there might be some sort of training connected to the dishes on that menu. And that’s basically the whole episode, up to the point where Rock Lee and Guy ‘discovered’ a new technique called the “Sea Sick Style” which would be similar to Lee’s Drunken Style. Only difference between the two styles would be that one requires constant motion and the other alcohol. Goodbye my precious twenty minutes!

  1. i dont get it?
    it makes no sense lol
    in naruto shippuuden episode 228 hes called the green beast, his first appearance in that episode hes telling naruto hes the blue beast?
    isnt he supposed to be the Green beast??
    btw i watch it on
    and i was thinking maybe it the translation?
    but i dont think that, cause it would make sense to whoever translates it??

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