Sep 22, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 229

Must. Remain. Calm. And that is a very hard things to do after all these fillers. Getting fillers is one thing, but getting fillers like today’s episode is unbearable. It has nothing to do with the original story, it’s not even amusing and it’s a waste to air something like this.

The entire episode revolves around Naruto and the rest, they made a quick pit stop to resupply. During Naruto’s little shopping trip, in order to get all the necessary supplies, he comes across some unknown vegetable seller. This guy sells Naruto a single mushroom, telling him that it’s a special sort of mushroom, that it instantly grows and multiplies, and is used by sailors all over the world incase their supplies run out.

By now my bullshit alert is going off, but Naruto, as expected, bought the damned thing. Needless to say that the mushroom started growing and multiplying alright, multiplying all over the ship, ruining all of their supplies. They had nothing but a bunch of poisonous mushrooms.

They regain their strength by eating insects given to them by Naruto’s toad friends, in order to beat the crap out of the guy who gave him that mushroom, who happened to show up later on with their own ship, hoping to find Naruto and his crew dead.

Please don’t even bother to air fillers like these from now on. Can’t believe we had to wait one extra week for this crap.

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