Sep 29, 2011

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 230

Geez. They are really testing my patience. Last week’s episode was one big disaster, but from the looks of it it’ll only get worse. These fillers have been going on for several weeks now, it’s about time they resumed the manga’s story.

This week’s episode was even worse. Naruto and the rest of the crew sailed straight into a storm, showing several unknown characters that I’ve never seen before. Naruto had to use his shadow clones in order for them to help out. They finally managed to get through the storm unharmed but they were exhausted, the mast, which had taken some damage, broke down, causing one of those metal round thingies to fall down towards Naruto. One of Naruto’s shadow clones saw it coming and pushed Naruto out of the way in order to save him.

Naruto, now unconscious, ends up in dreamland. This entire episode was about Naruto’s nightmare, about how his shadow clones started a rebellion, wanting to take his identity. What’s more disturbing is that he dreamt about Guy Sensei in speedo’s, seriously. It was just one big scene where they were battling naruto’s four shadow clones. I think they went for the funny approach when making this, but the only face I could make during this 20 minutes, was my ‘I-have-to-take-a-shit-but-it-won’t-come-out’ face.

I really hope they’ll resume the main story soon, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll lose interest in this too, just like with Bleach.

  1. i been watching naruto shipudden but I’m starting to get impatient and i want to read the manga starting from naruto shippudden episode 230.

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