Jan 19, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 245

I don’t know whether or not it is worth it to start writing again about Naruto Shippuuden, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s been months since I last wrote about Naruto Shippuuden, but can you blame me with all those uninteresting fillers? It’s getting pretty exciting again now that the story has been resumed.

Let’s do a little recap. Naruto and his allies got on a ship in order to meet up with Bee, a Jinchuriki that managed to gain control over his Bijuu, the eight-tailed Hachibi, by constant training. Naruto finally arrived and met up with Bee and his companion in the hope of getting taught by him. Over the next few episodes Naruto will be guided by Bee and the Haichibi in order to successfully control the Nine Tails’ powers.

The episode started out as usual with them all fooling around. Bee was still rapping away and Naruto, in the hope of being accepted by him, played along. Naruto’s first task was to master his feelings, including the hatred that he suppressed during these many years. It was bumpy at first, but he eventually succeeded, he finally got rid of all those negative feelings.

Naruto completed the first step by being the master of his own emotions. His next step was to master and control the Nine Tails’ evil and foul chakra. They all went to this temple where he confronted the Nine Tails. He removed the seal and went face to face, although with a little help from Bee and the Hachibi, with the Nine Tails. It was pretty cool to see, as the Nine Tails is one of my favourite beasts.

The next step is crucial; Naruto will have to get a hold of the Nine Tails’ chakra by using his own. Naruto will be capable of controlling the Nine Tails’ powers if he could get a hold of his chakra. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The Nine Tails is very strong, so he will have to evade all of his attacks while executing his plan.

I’m glad that all those fillers are finally over. There were a lot of them this time, so I’m expecting a lot of great action in order to compensate us viewers for all the waiting. Bee is a good guy, but I’m kind of worried about that sword, the sword that he took from Kisame, also known as Samehada. I get this annoyingly bad feeling every time that thing appears in my screen.

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