Feb 3, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 247

B-b-best. Episode. Ever! The episode was so good, I ended up watching it twice in a row (although I started half way the second time). I knew that this week’s episode was going to be good, but this completely blew my mind. Our patience of having waiting for so long while we endured those ridiculous fillers has finally paid off.

The episode starts with Naruto’s struggle in order to obtain Karuma’s Chakra. This was a very difficult task, but his mother, Kushina, helped him along the way by keeping Karuma as still as possible by using her remaining Chakra. Karuma, being angrier than ever before, struggled and fought back as much as he could, and for a second there it looked like he would succeed in breaking away. However, we forgot that Naruto has been sitting still for hours, thereby building up Nature Energy. This allowed him to activate his Sage Mode, giving him the opportunity to beat Karuma and extract his Chakra. The journey was a hard one, but the result was absolutely awesome; Naruto never looked better!

So you liked that part, huh? I couldn’t believe it myself, but it got even better! Kushina decided to tell Naruto the truth about what happened sixteen years ago. It appears that there was once another village allied with Konoha, also known as the Hidden Eddy village. This village specialized in Sealing Jutsu’s. Sure, that village is gone nowadays, but it lives on within Konoha, seeing as the village logo is the same as Konoha’s friendship logo. It was a beautiful story, but it became more complicated she explained about how she was the Nine Tails’ previous Jinchuuriki. Naruto what shocked to learn of that, but he could somewhat understand.

But then, when you think you’ve heard and seen it all, she decided to tell him about his birth and about the conditions she was given. Apparently Naruto was not a planned baby, but they were extremely happy to have him. However, his birth wasn’t that simple, seeing as Kushina was a Jinchuuriki at the time. It seems that the Seal temporarily weakens during childbirth, so they had to do it at a secret location. They didn’t really do a good job keeping that a secret though, seeing as Madara found out and mounted an attack while Kushina was giving birth.

Seriously people, how great was this episode? We saw Naruto’s new Kyuubi Mode, we learned more about his roots and we learned a whole lot more about his birth. It seems that next week’s episode will be awesome too, so I’m definitely going to watch next week’s Naruto Shippuuden no matter what!

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