Feb 17, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 250

Wow, I’m very impressed. I didn’t expect to see another Naruto Shippuuden episode this week, seeing as we got to see two of them last week. However, I opened up my browser and what do I see? That’s right, a new Naruto Shippuuden episode! I didn’t really get my hopes up, because I already knew that the best was behind us, for now.

But still, this week’s episode wasn’t that bad. We saw Naruto’s new Bijuu Mode and a little bit of what it’s capable of. In that mode Naruto’s powers get a huge boost, but apparently not just his powers. His senses seem to be better as well. He managed to sense an evil presence somewhere in the room, and that’s when Kisame finally showed himself. He hid himself inside Samehada, a large sentient weapon, in order to gather Intel on Naruto, his companions and on any future plans they might have.

I personally wanted to have seen more of Naruto’s new power, but he only showed us the teleportation technique, the same technique that gave his father the nickname “the yellow flash”. He couldn’t quite control his powers though, but it was his first time using that mode in combat, so it’s no wonder that he get stuck. But he wasn’t alone this time, after all; he had his friends by his side this time.

Anyway, needless to say that they went after him, making sure that he didn’t escape with the Intel. However, things became more complicated for him when Samehada made it very clear that he’d rather be with Bee than with him. He forced Samehada one more time to drain Bee of his Chakra, rendering him unable to fight. Still, Guy wasn’t yet ready to let him do as he pleases, which is why he opened up a few Chakra Gates, which only he and Lee can do, for as far as we know, allowing him to use forbidden Jutsu’s. I don’t think he used any forbidden Jutsu’s during this episode though, although he did use a few techniques that I’ve never seen before, so that was pretty cool to see.

Now I’m not one to deride people, but Kisame isn’t much of a threat without Samehada. The only reason he was known as “a tailless beast”, was because he had Samehada with him. Without Samehada he’s just another Shinobi with a lot of cool tricks. That showed when he faced Guy. Now Guy is someone that relies on his Taijutsu, so Kisame’s Chakra absorption Jutsu’s are pretty useless against him. That’s why Guy managed to defeat him with that awesome technique of his, but after opening another gate of course…

The episode was okay, but nothing special. There may have been more hilarity than action, but that’s okay once in a while. Still, I think it’s too bad that we didn’t get to see more of Naruto in his new Bijuu Mode. However, I’d rather see an episode with more comedy than action, then not being able to see anything for a whole week, so I’m not actually complaining.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 250 screencaps

  1. love the new changes GD! and i sort of like this episode. i think that comedy spices up an otherwise boring anime

    by the way where did naruto learn the transportation technique? and does he also know those seals of the hidden eddie?

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