Mar 22, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 255

Now this is just embarrassing. I had the days mixed up with the wrong date, which is why I thought that there wouldn’t be any Naruto Shippuuden this week. Sorry about that, I was planning on making a little chart when the spring anime officially start, so that I know what’s coming up next and such.

Anyway, I was a little bit nervous when the episode just started, because I saw Naruto again with all those damned creatures, and so I thought that it would be another one of those filler-like episodes. Mind you, I’m happy watch any type of Naruto episode, but willing to write about it is a whole different story. It takes me roughly half an hour to write a single post, re-check, load up my post-template and create all the images for each individual post. It seems a bit long to some people, but keep in mind that this is my hobby, it’s something that I like to do. I do wish there were easier, faster methods though.

Moving on… This week’s episode focusses on Kabuto. He is very confident about his abilities, which is why he rushed in and attacked that island. Now, I don’t wish to post any spoilers here, but some people have already found out. Kabuto, believe it or not, obtained something that Orochimaru didn’t; he obtained the Sage Mode. Remember how Naruto’s appearance slightly changes when he enters his Sage mode? The same applies for Kabuto, whose appearance has been different from the very beginning. That is merely because he’s constantly in his Sage mode. He has always been greedy for power, so this comes as no surprise to me, but I wonder how and/or when he’s absorbing nature energy to maintain his Sage Mode, seeing as Naruto is only capable of using that mode for a few minutes.

Kabuto originally came to fetch Naruto, and we all know why. However, this turned out to be a lot more difficult with more and more people showing up to the party. He had no choice but to slightly alter his plans. He slithered  away by shedding his old ‘skin’, captured Yamato and ensured that Deidara didn’t get killed by the Tsuchikage. Say whatever you want about that creep, but he sure knows how to escape.

Some of you may be wondering right now why Yamato was captured. Well, there are two reasons; intel and his wood element. The things he knows can come in handy during their war, but his wood element is what clinched the sale. Kabuto knows a way to use Yamato’s wood element to strengthen Zetsu before the big war. Things will be hard for them now, especially if they keep Naruto in the dark for much longer. He has obtained power now, so allow him to use it for something that he’s meant to do.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 255 screencaps

  1. its only matter of time b4 naruto beats him 🙂

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