May 11, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 262

I was really nervous for some reason. I had this feeling that I would get to see yet another worthless episode. I’m really glad that I was just overthinking things. This episode was far from it. The war has finally started (not someone I usually say, so please forgive me) and we can expect many awesome things from now on.

All squads were taking their positions to counter all enemy attacks. This will prove to be quite a hard challenge when they’re facing their deceased love ones in battle. I am looking forward to two particular fights (light spoiler alert); the fight between Madara and the kage’s, and the fight between Sasuke, Itachi and Kabuto. What can I say? I’m a huge Naruto fan. That’s why I didn’t like to see those ridiculous and pointless fillers.

Anyway, Kankurou and his team had dug themselves in pretty well. They decided to use the forest for cover and create themselves a pretty strong base. It’s not surprise that they got attacked pretty soon, as they infiltrated enemy territory. However, I’m glad that Sasori was one of the attackers, because now we get to see one hell of a matchup between two puppet users; Sasori and Kankurou.

Oh, and it shouldn’t be long now before Naruto and Bee both realize what is going on behind their backs. Everyone knows that Naruto will do everything in his power to rush out there to help his friends during the fourth great ninja war. That’s when things will truly get epic. We will just have to be patient for now, and watch as Kabuto goes about his evil ways to get the upper hand in this war. Either Tobi is underestimating him, or he is underestimating Tobi. Either way; I would rather see Kabuto dead than Tobi. Kabuto is just an annoying parasite that lives off of Orochimaru’s knowledge.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 262 screencaps

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