Jun 1, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 265

onfusing yet intriguing episode this was, although I do feel that the recaps were a bit too long. The story just got a whole lot more interesting. And where is Naruto? That’s right, still training and goofing around with Bee, not knowing that there’s a war going on to keep them out of enemy hands.

The episode starts with several blasts from the past. Zabuza, Haku and several other characters (re)joined the story.  Kakashi used to have a lot of difficulty just keeping that guy at bay. How will he defeat him now, now that he and his entire team have been reunited? Oh, and let’s not forget that their bodies are immortal, so Kakashi will have to find a way to send their souls back to the afterlife. Mind you, Kakashi didn’t have his Mangekyou Sharingan when he fought Zabuza last time, so he should have an edge this time. It’s complicated. Kakashi has new abilities at his disposal since then, but he only faced Zabuza, not his entire team.

Sigh, what a predicament. To make matter worse, Kabuto used some of Orochimaru’s chakra that he extracted from Anko’s body, which is something most of us already foresaw, to empower his Zabuza and his men by removing their emotions, thereby turning them into emotionless killing machines. Kabuto thinks that this will ensure their ‘durability’, seeing as their former friends can’t appeal to them emotionally, which could’ve freed their souls.

This episode was very amusing, very amusing indeed. I can only hope that the next episode will be just as good. One thing bothers me though; Kakashi’s allies have been dropping like flies, and that was before Zabuza’s team was complete, so how will they fare against them now? It’ll be a very interesting battle, I’m sure of that.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 265 screencaps

  1. I think Kabuto is pretty cool. He went from being a young spy to being a powerful sage that makes even Madara take caution.

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