Jun 8, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 266

Yet another awesome episode, as to be expected. These last few episodes made me forget about all those ridiculous fillers that we had to endure to get to this point in the story. Was it worth it? I’m not sure, but I’ll tell you one thing; I am loving Naruto Shippuuden right now, that’s for sure.

I couldn’t wait to see Zabuza and his fellow swordsmen in action, and boy was it worth the wait. Those guys are ridiculously awesome, especially that guy with the long needle sword. He sort of reminds of one of those (cartoon) Daft Punk characters. That soon changed when I saw him fight though. I never knew that you could use a needle to pierce your opponents and to tie them to each other in the middle of a war.

Things didn’t look good for Kakashi and his allies. Their attacks connected, that’s not the problem. The problem was that it didn’t matter how many of their attacks connected. Those swordsmen were revived by the Edo Tensei, so they were immortal until someone managed to appeal to them emotionally or if the caster undoes the Jutsu, which is something Kabuto will never do, not willingly at least.

I was pretty convinced that Kakashi would lose a lot of allies this time. He had some strong ones with him, but it’s no use if they can’t kill their enemies. They get tired of killing immortals, so their speed and stamina drops, making them easy prey for those swordsmen. And the funniest thing is; those swordsmen weren’t even at full strength, seeing as some of them didn’t even have their legendary weapons.

Anyway, I know I just said all of that, but it doesn’t change the fact that Kakashi managed to ‘free’ two of them; Zabuza and Haku. I’m still not one hundred percent sure of how he did it, but it’s my guess that he somehow appealed to them by making them relive the past, allowing them to return to the afterlife (or something like that). It warmed my heart to see Kabuto so frustrated, well done Kakashi! The fight has only just begun though, as there are still quite a few of those swordsmen left. I wish I could control time, I really do…

Naruto Shippuuden episode 266 screencaps

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