Jul 27, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 271

Great, thank you. Who doesn’t like the usual slap in the face? One wants to watch Naruto Shippuuden, so one downloads the episode, only to find out that they’ve screwed us over once more by showing us yet another filler. I seriously don’t get it. The main story resumed not so long ago, so what’s with fillers this stage? The manga is far ahead…

This entire episode was twenty minutes of pure and pointless comedy. Even when Sakura seemed to fall to hear death. What’s the point of it all? The story just got interesting, especially when Asuma appeared. I just can’t see why they would interrupt the story at this stage. Absolutely no good could come from this.

Still, it seems that next week’s episode will follow the main story, so no more of these ridiculous fillers. All the more reason why I can’t understand this episode. One filler in the middle of an exciting story, and it doesn’t even contribute anything, not even during the end where you see Bee and Naruto ‘practicing’ the tailed beast bomb.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 271 screencaps

  1. xenosuke says:

    to creater of sight and creator of the reviews of episode of this weeks naruto shippuden ep 271, this episode was prolly put in because of the new move naruto shippuden 6 road to ninja, if you look it up and the plot of it, it makes perfect since for what this eisode was about. btw i think you would like watchin that movie whn it hits the internet, it will be epic

    • Makes sense. I wouldn’t mind sacrificing one episode to see yet another epic Naruto Shippuuden movie.

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