Sep 14, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 279

Not exactly the kind of episode I had in mind, but it will have to do. I was pretty sure that the whole white Zetsu thing was behind us know. Yeah, it’s though having to fight an undetectable enemy, but don’t mock it. Don’t change it into a ridiculous comedy. That’s the impression I got from this week’s episode. They were trying to be funny and serious at the same time. Not a good combination.

I’m sure we all remember good ol’ Kiba, Akamaru, Shino and the ever so cute Hinata-chan, which I still think will be Naruto’s wife some done. Now, they were supposed to fix minor flaws in their defensive barrier, hoping that it would stop white Zetsu from infiltrating their bases any further. This turned into a catastrophe when they were ambushed by a small army of those parasites, only to be buried in after an explosion. Naturally, things didn’t end there. They would have to find and eliminate one of those parasites that changed into Kiba, Shino or Hinata. Excited yet? No? Well, I wasn’t either to be honest.

This episode had that awkward filler-feeling, you know? I cannot help but feel that this episode was pointless. They were trying to be funny with that whole rock-paper-scissors thing, only to reveal that it had meaning at the time. Geez, at least be smart about it. I, one of the viewers, sat here looking at that display of strange comedy with a confused look on my face.

It makes me wonder what they’re going to do next. Are they going to do one of those strange episodes with Ino, shikamaru and Chouji next? One cannot help but worry. I’ve seen it happen with Bleach too; constant fillers, pointless episodes and a lot of build-up to a crappy fight. That is why Bleach was cancelled. The ratings were dropping constantly. I just hope that it doesn’t happen to Naruto Shippuuden.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 279 screencaps

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