Sep 22, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 280

Well, this turned out to be quite the disappointing episode. One can tell that they’re trying to milk out every possibility when it comes to Zetsu’s handy little ability. We’re probably going to watch each and every squad as they try to deal with this invasion of stealthy Zetsu’s.

I’ve actually been wondering about Naruto’s progress. I’m getting really impatient to see him fight, not to mention Gaara’s battle against his father. But no, we have to endure with episodes like these, were Zetsu’s transformation abilities are the highlight. That guy is a nasty piece of work alright, but I find his ability to move through things far more annoying than his ability to transform. I mean, he could, in theory, infiltrate any stronghold he wishes, providing the sensory-type Shinobi wouldn’t be able to detect him when he moves through walls or soil. It’s a pretty complicated subject when you think about it for a minute.

Anyway, I’ve had my fair share of Deidara by now. Just seal that little sh*t already. Seriously, that guy is one of my least favourite characters. His constant moaning about his “ultimate art” is starting to piss me off, not to mention is obsession with Sasuke. He did not like it when he found out that he sacrificed his life for nothing, seeing as Sasuke survived his attack.

I’ll admit this much; I smiled big-time when I saw the look on that character’s face during that time. Killing yourself to bring down an enemy is one thing, but coming back from the dead to find out that you failed… That has got to hurt. All the more reason for people like me, people that aren’t quite fond of that character, to smile like hell.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 280 screencaps

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