Nov 9, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 288

I thought for sure that there wouldn’t be any Naruto Shippuuden this week. Then again, last week’s episodes weren’t that much of a contribution. They primarily consisted of recaps and pointless content. This week’s episode was definitely much better.

Kakashi’s fight against Kabuto’s puppets continues as they continuously drive him into a corner. I really wondered why he didn’t just use his Sharingan from the beginning. One would think that the Sharingan would be one of the first things he’d use when he’s fighting two Shinobi legends. Unfortunately, they always have to build things up, don’t they?

Things got rather dull after Guy came to Kakashi’s aid. The drama started and the action soon turned to comedy, as usual. Might Guy is a cool character when he gets serious, but he, to me at least, is an eyesore most of the time. He is only funny when his accompanied by one of his tortoise friends.

I can only summarize this episode as a build-up to something better. The episode was good to kill time, but I wouldn’t say that I’m happy to have seen it. It was fun to see Kakashi struggle once in a while, that’s pretty much it. He held out until Guy showed up and both of them held out until reinforcements showed up in order to seal those two monsters. That’s pretty much all that really happened. I’m not even going to discuss those flashback scenes. They’re just not worth mentioning at this point.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 288 screencaps

  1. I agree this wasn’t a good episode. The art was sub standard, the writing was weak, and don’t get me started about the flashback voices! Speaking of voices, what is going on with the voice actors? It sounded like a different voice actor for Kakashi for a few lines at the beginning. Same thing happened at the end of the last episode – Bee’s voice was completely different for his last few lines. Hope things get back to normal for the next episode…

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