Nov 16, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 289

What a relief, at least this episode was significantly better than the last one. It was exciting, simple and very informative. Also, Guy didn’t get many opportunities to make any ridiculous jokes that only die-hard Guy fans would like.

This week’s episode puts Ameyuri Ringo, one of the seven famous seven swordsmen of the Mist, in the spotlight. I would like to start this by pointing out that I didn’t like the voice for this character. It just doesn’t match. The voice would’ve done well with a more mature character, but not with Ameyuri. It was, for me at least, very difficult to watch at some point.

Kakashi and Guy had planned to help Omoi and his friends survive. Kakashi thought that he would be able to counter her attacks, because he uses a lighting style as well. I would’ve liked to have seen that, but Omoi already took care of her by luring her in a pool of quicksand. Kind of disappointing if you ask me. And it seems very cruel towards Ameyuri, seeing as she has an immortal body, so he has to wait for Kabuto to undo the Resurrection Jutsu.

A lot of things happened during this episode, things that still need a little bit of explaining. For example; I don’t know why Ameyuri would give away her precious swords like that. Those weapons are known for their immense power, yet she gave them away like it was nothing. And no, please don’t e-mail me about it. She didn’t give them away because she liked him a little, she didn’t give them away because she wanted to be remembered through those weapons and she sure as hell didn’t give them away because she’s Santa Clause’s bit on the side. Still, that character amused me, and that’s all that matters in the end.

Naruto Shippuuden episode 289 screencaps

  1. Ameyuri Ringo is actually female

    • I am fully aware of that, which is why I believe that the voice didn’t suit the character. It was the voice of an older lady. I believe a younger, more dignified voice would’ve suited that character better.

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