Feb 10, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episodes 248 & 249

Good god… I cannot believe it, but Naruto Shippuuden got even better!  It’s not just because they surprised us with two episodes this week, but because the story just got so much better than ever before. Ladies and gentlemen, I can honestly say, without being even a little bit ashamed about it, that I actually shed some tears while watching these two mind-blowing episodes!  You do not have the right to watch Naruto Shippuuden, or any other anime for that matter, if you weren’t moved by these episodes.

The story continues as Naruto has finally been born. However, his birth, glorious as it may be, was about to become their worst nightmare as Madara, or someone posing as Madara, invades their chamber and takes the baby hostage. Minato wouldn’t take any chances and used his abnormal speed and transportation techniques to get away from Madara in order to bring his newly born son to safety. That was a stupid move, leaving Kushina alone like that, in a state where she might actually unleash the Nine Tails. But that was Madara’s original plan, seeing as he captured her in order to bind her to start the seal-removal process.

Sure, Minato came back for her after making sure his son was alright, but it was already too late. That man undid the seal, unleashed the beast and actually enslaved it by using his Sharingan. Who knew that the Sharingan could become powerful enough to enslave tailed beasts lie that? Anyway, time was of the essence and Minato knew that he had to take care of that guy first, before taking care of the Nine Tails. He attacked but it seemed pointless, as his attacks went right through him. He immediately came up with a strategy to use that to his advantage. He attacked again, managed to get a transportation seal on his back, and used that seal to transport himself there with a Rasengan in his hand.

The next episode continues with the Nine Tails destroying the village whilst killing a lot of Konoha’s Shinobi. It was absolute mayhem. Minato, after defeating, although not killing that man, would now have to come up with a strategy in order to deal with the Nine Tails. Time was still of the essense, as many of his friends died whilst trying to keep that monster at bay. Sure, Madara’s spell on him may have been gone after Minato defeated him, but he was still running amok.

The third Hokage was there to support, but even he couldn’t do much. He did manage to push the Nine Tails further away from the village though. They managed to buy just enough time for Minato to show up and transport the Nine Tails to another, further location. However, the loss for Konoha was great, as they lost a lot of good men, including Iruka’s parents, who died fighting like heroes while protecting their little boy.

Anyway, Minato had come up with a plan, a very dangerous and fatal plan. He planned to use the Reaper Death Seal, the same seal that the third Hokage used in Naruto to seal away Orochimaru’s hands, in order to seal away half of the Nine Tails’ power. He knew that it was a one way ticket Jutsu, but he stilled used it. Then he wanted to perform the Eight Signed Seal in order to seal away the Nine Tails inside of his baby boy. It was a very dangerous plan indeed, as there was no guarantee that he would have enough life left in him after using the Reaper Death Seal to perform yet another seal, let alone infusing both of their remaining Chakra inside of him.

Smart and effective plan, but it didn’t turn out like he had planned. The Nine Tails knew that he was up to something, but he attacked the baby right away after he realized that Minato was going to seal him while using his baby boy as the container. Then and there both Minato and Kushina got in the way of his attack, sacrificing both their bodies in order to save their son. That’s when Minato used the remainder of his life to fuse some of his as well as Kusina’s Chakra with their newly born son. They may not have been with him while he was growing up, but they did leave him with a very fond and warm memory for when he came to that age…

The episode was absolutely beautiful. I can’t imagine any other word for it. I’m not sure there’s going to be a new episode next week, seeing as we’ve been given two this week, but we’ll see. Either way; I’ll be waiting!

  1. I totally agree with you! Naruto Shippuuden has never been better! I almost cried as well when Minato and Kushina were about to sacrifice themselves. I doubt that it gets much better than that.

  2. These episodes were masterful!!! its too bad that Naruto didnt enherit his fathers speed and knowledge about seals otherwise he would have been unstoppable and capable of sealing all of those tailed beasts

  3. These episodes are the kind of storytelling that made me fall in love with Naruto, I also think I cried a little bit. Come on how could you not this story was just so touching, and beyond amazing that it couldn’t be helped, in my defense it was a manly tear.

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