Aug 10, 2012

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Naruto Shippuuden episodes 273 & 274

have no idea what to say here. I think these episodes were a bit disappointing to be honest. Maybe I was just expecting too much out of it? I doubt that’s the case, as the episodes had quite a lot of recaps. Some of them were nice to see and some of them were just plain useless.

The battle between Asuma and his former pupils has finally started. It was supposed to be something that no Naruto fan could miss. What did we get instead? A lot of talking, recaps and very little action. Yes, it got pretty emotional at times and it was definitely worth watching, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. I thought that we could expect a couple of episodes with Asuma attacking them constantly, but no… It seems that Kabuto hadn’t sealed his emotions yet. He was probably hoping that those very emotions would be their downfall, and for a second there it looked like it too, but they soon regained their senses and started fighting back.

I would actually like to focus on Chouji a little bit. He has never really been one of my favourites. I’m quite honest about that. However, he did show an incredible amount of courage when attacking his former sensei. I was pretty sure that he would spend the entire episode watching from the side-lines as his friends did all the dirty work. Well done; I did not see that one coming!

Also, I would like to point out that things went a bit too easily. The episodes consisted more out of recaps than anything else, yet Asuma was brought to his knees (so to speak) within a few very short minutes. I did not like that. Sure, the fight isn’t over yet, but what am I supposed to think? That everything will be alright? That Asuma will find a way to break free and continue to fight his former pupils? I think not.

The only action I enjoyed watching was when Kakuzu was hauling ass. That was when things started to look exciting. Nothing could be further from the truth though, as the rest of the episode, for me at least, was a pretty big disappointment. I would have loved to see some more action and less recaps. There were two recaps, two short recaps that I actually enjoyed watching, but the rest was pointless and pretty much out of context. It was a double episode, so maybe that’s why the episodes contained so many recaps. Still, I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

Naruto Shippuuden episodes 273 & 274 screencaps

  1. crzyinluv says:

    they always do this; they release an episode and wait one week without releasing one, so that they can release two a week later.

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