Aug 2, 2011

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Natsume Yuujinchou San

Ah, the third season. The last show was what, a year ago? I remember having really enjoyed that one.

The storyline hasn’t changed all that much, Natsume Takashi is still trying to return the names of all Youkai that his grandmother Reiko has collected in her “Book of Friends”.

The artwork is still as good as ever and the storyline hasn’t really changed, so that’s still as good as ever aswell. So I have no other option but to recommend this anime.

Plot Summary: Natsume Takashi has been able to see yokai since his early days. His grandmother, Reiko, possessed the Yujin-chou, a list of names of yokai sworn to fealty. Ever since Takashi inherited the list, he has been constantly attacked by yokai.

Takashi, however, has decided to return to the yokai their names. Together with his self-proclaimed bodyguard Nyanko, Takashi has met and come to know many yokai.


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