Aug 4, 2012

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 05

Oh come on. I feared that something like this would happen. I knew that things would take a turn for the worse when Ryuusuke, in drunken mood, surrendered his body to Atsushi. I was so disappointed that I almost wanted to cry. Fortunately, I suddenly remembered having a penis, so I am not allowed to cry.

I want to start this by saying that I absolutely despite characters like Atsushi. He is selfish and inconsiderate. Rokka was finally continuing with her life, yet he, her deceased husband, keeps getting in the way of her happiness. He even took control of Ryuusuke’s body in order to be with her. It’s starting to look like a “if I can’t have her then nobody can” situation. It’s really sad. Atsushi is desperately clinging on to Rokka, yet he doesn’t want her to be happy with anyone else but him. She will be alone for the rest of her life if he doesn’t just back off.

It got to a point where Atsushi, being the pathetic guy that he is, started to sabotage Ryuusuke’s reputation and image. He cut his hair, bought a pair of ridiculous glasses and started messing up the relationship he had established with Rokka-chan. All of it is going down the drain, and that will continue for as long as Atsushi remains in control of Ryuusuke’s body.

Meanwhile Ryuusuke was in a dream land with a miniature, younger version of Rokka. He too realized that Atsushi took control, yet he remains stuck there. It’s really too bad, because things were going in the right direction with Rokka. That just goes to show that alcohol is never a solution to any problem.

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    It soon got worse after this

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