Aug 11, 2012

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 06

And the confusion continues… How painful. I did like the twist later in the episode though, that was absolutely great. It makes me crazy about having to wait a week for the next episode. I solemnly swear that I shall not read the manga. I can’t. It would ruin my entire experience as well as the (poor?) quality of my posts.

Atsushi is still inside of Ryousuke’s body, we all know that, but for how much longer? He has been enjoying himself with Rokka. Sure, there were times where he wished he was dead (so to speak, seeing as he’s already dead), but he got passed that. Hell, it almost seemed as though he was seriously trying to bring Ryousuke and Rokka-chan together. Yeah, it almost looked like it.

Rokka wanted more and more physical contact with whom she thought was Ryousuke, and Atsushi was getting really annoyed by that. Or should I say jealous? I don’t know anymore. One thing’s for sure; Atsushi was getting fed up with Rokka’s tendency to hide behind his death. She doesn’t want to get too physical, only because she keeps thinking about Atsushi, whom appears to have been her first and only crush.

This makes things incredibly complicated. Ryousuke is stuck inside some kind of dream, Atsushi is after god only knows what and Rokka-chan is finally starting to admit what she really wants now. Things are about to get really ugly if Atsushi doesn’t give back Ryousuke’s body soon, as Rokka-chan is bound to find out sooner or later when she sees certain similarities between him and her deceased husband.

Now, the one thing I really enjoyed was the ending where Rokka said that she loved Ryousuke too. She finally said it! She has been hiding it for so long, and the only one to hear that glorious confession was Atsushi. That kind of pisses me off. Ryousuke has been working very hard on that relationship. Why not give the guy a break already? It’s a bit complicated if you ask me.

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