Aug 25, 2012

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 08

For the love of… I’m seriously nearing my limit here. What is going on with this show? It used to be so great. This whole Atsushi ordeal is taking its toll on the viewers. I can’t even begin to count the amount of negative feedback I’ve read so far. A lot of people, like me, despise Atsushi for all the things he’s done so far.

Let’s focus on that for a bit. Atsushi took things to a whole new level. It wasn’t enough to destroy Ryousuke’s image, take away his first time with Rokka and mess with his property. He took it to a level where he stole back his own property from Rokka, making her believe that Ryousuke is a mere thief. He also withdrew the savings he left to Rokka and left town. Things have gotten so much worse, yet Ryousuke is still frolicking around in that dream world with a fairy version of Rokka. How much more will Atsushi take from him before he’s satisfied? I thought he did these things to make Rokka move on, but that’s definitely not it. He’s just being pathetically selfish.

Watching this has become harder than ever. Rokka is dead-set on finding out what’s going on with Ryousuke. I don’t think that she’s after her property. She was/is genuinely in love with Ryousuke, so perhaps she went after him to convince him to come back? It’s all just so complicated right now. Still, I caught a glimpse of what might be Ryousuke’s return. I can only hope that I’m right and that it happens during next week’s episode. I can’t bear to watch another episode where Atsushi keeps messing things up. It’s just too much.

Also, and this may just be me, but I feel as though the romance is gone. Rokka is confused by all these recent events, Atsushi is just as confused, thereby creating a huge gap between Ryousuke and Rokka, and Ryousuke is still in that wonderland without a clue on how to return to his own body. It doesn’t look like he’s trying hard either. It’s a shame, that’s all. Like I said; I’m hoping that these things will be resolved during next week’s episode.

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