Sep 15, 2012

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 11

Disappointment thy name is Natsuyuki Rendezvous. I simply cannot believe what has happened here. I just cannot believe it. We spent over half the episode waiting for Ryousuke to return to his body, only to find out that it happens during the half of the final episode. How disappointing is that? Oh, and there’s way more than that.

I was hyped about this anime at first. It started out great. It had lots of great romantic scenes, a good story and interesting characters that didn’t annoy. It soon changed though. Atsushi remained in control of Ryousuke’s body until the very last minute. I’m just happy he left before he actually killed Rokka-chan, which was something he actually considered doing.

The ending was so insulting. I just cannot believe what I saw. It’s nice to see that Rokka and Ryousuke ended up together, gotten old and had lots of children, but come on… Ryousuke died at a good age, yet Atsushi, being as young as ever, stayed behind as a ghost to watch their children and grandchildren grow up. How messed up is that? I don’t even want to write about this anymore. It was that disappointing.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 11 screencaps

  1. Big Banger says:

    if you already knows that its goin to suck then why bother watch anymore?

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