Aug 3, 2012

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Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei anime green-lit

Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei anime green-lit

The September issue of Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine is bundling a DVD with a short anime adaptation of Mayuki Anan’s Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei (Princess Nazotoki Is a Famous Detective) manga on Friday. The story centers around Hinami, a bookish, eyeglasses-wearing girl, and her two friends. When there is a mystery to solve, she “transforms” into the clever Nazotoki-hime (literally, “Princess Mystery Time”).

Along with other videos, the bundled DVD includes the Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei: Kaizoku no Takara to Komori-uta (Princess Nazotoki Is a Famous Detective: The Pirate Treasure and the Lullaby) anime. The anime continues the story from “Bōrei ga Sasayaku Shima” (The Island Where Spirits Whisper), the manga installment published in September issue. Ibuki Kido plays Hinami Shiori, Kaito Ishikawa plays Fujisaki, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays Umesaki, and AKB48 idol group member Haruka Ishida plays the guest character Kaiji.

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