Dec 15, 2011

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New laptop finally operational!

About time! I finally have my new laptop here and it’s pretty much ready… Installed Windows 7 Ultimate, applied all the necessary updates and installed all the necessary software. Starting tomorrow I’m going to start writing on my laptop as well, instead of a shitty office computer where you have to wait a minute or two for your internet browser to start up.

My old laptop, a Compaq Presario, started acting up. The motherboard pretty much gave in after all those years, because I had to set up the BIOS every time before starting Windows, otherwise Windows wouldn’t even load. “Operating System not found” would appear on my screen if I didn’t configure the BIOS before booting into Windows.

So far this new laptop has been absolutely brilliant. No spikes, lag or freezes so far. Want to see the photos and specifications? Just read more!

Screen: 15.6″ LED backlit screen
Processor: Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.0Ghz
Ram: 8GB
HDD: 500GB
GPU: GeForce GT 540m 2GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Other: Webcam, Microphone, Card Reader, Anti-Scratch Aluminium Frame, Premium SRS sound & Chiclet Keyboard.

The laptop – Still with it’s protective plastic cover.

The laptop – Closed. Looks pretty good, eh?

  1. ah man.. that thing is a beast! you can probably play the latest games on that thing?

  2. He can. That video card is pretty recent and that processor is pretty high on the benchmark list. I’m not so sure gaming its very comfortable with a 15″ screen though.

  3. I’ve been playing RAGE on Ultra and Crysis 2 on max. settings! So yeah; no complaints when it comes to gaming. 🙂

  4. Oppai-Sensei says:

    very nice GD

    im a graphic designer so i use a macbook pro. i hardly ever game and if i do then i use my xbox.

    after 6 months i still have a plastic cover on my screen + a foam mat on my keyboard for when i close my laptop 😛

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