Jan 19, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 03

Is it just me, or do some of the characters here in New Prince of Tennis have slightly different personalities than in the prequel? I think Ryoma and Kunimitsu seem slightly different than in the prequel, but it could be just me though, I’m still not too sure myself.

Anyway, the camp coaches have come up with yet another diabolical idea to send a lot of middle schoolers home. You see, the middle schoolers would now have to battle one another, those who get to stay but those who lose get to go home. It doesn’t seem entirely fair, but rules are rules. Things went well, until Seigaku’s golden pair, Shuichiro-kun and Eiji-kun, had to play one another.

Eiji was reluctant at first and set up this elaborate act, but Shuichiro saw through that. Shuichiro forced Eiji to play seriously, he said that both of them came prepared for each and every challenge and that it was pointless to drag the match out any further.  Eiji finally started playing serious, changing the match completely. It was a close call, but Shuichiro ended up losing to Eiji. It seems that Seigaku already lost one if it’s players.

Meanwhile Ryoma and his annoying little friend were still dealing with those high schoolers. Sure, they were loudmouths at first, but they soon stopped talking after those two started to show what they were made of. More and more of those loudmouths showed up, and more and more ended up getting defeated by those two. In the end they ended up defeating them all, but without any result; for they still didn’t know the first court’s location.

The two of them started wandering around until they finally encountered Oni playing against Kazuya, the guy that Ryoma wants to beat. They were playing a match whilst using no less than five tennis balls at once, that’s pretty crazy. Still, Ryoma wasn’t patient enough to wait. He decided to end their training session prematurely in order to challenge Kazuya to a match. He’s always been arrogant and self-confident, so this doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest.

Quite the exciting episode if I do say so myself. Ever noticed how most of the episodes are filled with action? I’m really amazed how they can continue like this while keeping it interesting. Most people don’t even realize it, but it’s pretty impressive how creative some people’s minds can be.

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