Jan 26, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 04

I was waiting for this episode. Yet another action-filled episode of New Prince of Tennis, but this one sort of disappointed me. I looked forward to seeing the match between Ryoma and Kazuya, but I was disappointed to see that they decided to save that for next week.

The story continued as the players were put up against each other. This week it was Kaoru versus Kunimitsu, the team’s captain. Poor bastard didn’t even have a chance. Sure, Kaoru has been training very hard; some would say that he trained beyond the limits of a normal human being. It just wasn’t enough. I kind of felt bad for Kaoru, but I would’ve felt even worse if I wasn’t so fixated on the match between Ryoma and Kazuya.

I tried thinking about it, I really did. I can’t see the point of putting players of the same team up against one another. They should’ve put the teams up against one another, so that the weakest teams could go home. Okay, I understand that they’re trying to train top players, not teams, but this just seems so wrong. The worst of all is that the coaches show very little interest, because they just keep smiling like nothing happens, while some of them watch from their lazy chairs in the monitor room. Have they no shame?

We got near the end where we could finally see Ryoma up against Kazuya, just before the episode ended. That kind of stung, to be left behind with such a cliff-hanger. But okay, I won’t fuss; I’ll patiently wait till next week in order to see how much Ryoma has improved. Oh, and did you see the look of Kazuya’s face as Ryoma returned his shot? The price of a racket: roughly fifty bucks. The price of some tennis balls: roughly five to ten bucks. The price of Kazuya’s expression as Ryoma returned his shot: priceless!

So what if I didn’t get to see the match between Ryoma? I can easily wait till next week, as there are enough good shows this winter to keep me entertained until then. I’m still a little bit agitated by the way the coaches handle things. I’m all for eliminating the weak and unqualified, but the way they go about it is wrong. It shows too; notice how the older players pick on the newer players just because they’re new. That wouldn’t happen if the institute’s system was better organized, but that’s of course just my own opinion.

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