Feb 9, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 06

Aw man… I was just about to write something about Chihayafuru when suddenly New Prince of Tennis pops up. I don’t like to play favourites when it comes to my schedule, but come on… New prince of Tennis is a lot more exciting right now than Chihayafuru. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that.

The episode continues right where we left off. Everyone who did not pass the first test got on the bus. I found it rather strange that nobody realized that Ryoma and Kintarou weren’t there with them. Oh well, it’s not like their location was unknown for much longer. The bus that the losers went on wasn’t driving them back home at all. It was taking them into the forest where Itaru, Ryoma and Kintarou were waiting for them.

It seems that their little camping trip is far from over. They were offered to climb up a mountain in order to ensure that the gap between them and the winners stays minimal. Nobody was forced, seeing as they were merely offered to climb up the mountain in order to become stronger. Please keep in mind that these people are all tennis freaks, which is why all of them decided to climb that mountain. I hate myself a little bit for saying this, but I would’ve gone home if I were asked to climb a mountain, lol.

Anyway, I’m finally starting to see the true purpose of this training camp. They were, I’m right that is, not trying to decrease the numbers of players by half, oh no. There were merely trying to create two different teams. The stronger half remains inside the camp, while the weaker half heads out in order to follow a different kind of training. Keep in mind that this is just another one of my wild guesses, but it does make a lot of sense when you think about it. Hell, it doesn’t just make sense, but it also sounds like a reasonable training method. Sort of reminds of the quote; “what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”. I have no idea why, perhaps it’s because they lost such an important match that day, but are now following this ridiculous program in order to keep up with their friends and/or enemies.

Their journey was pretty hectic. They went from one place to another. Climbing, walking on dangerous bridges, trying to find some find while looking for a place to spend the night. Still, what kind of an adventure would this be if they didn’t throw in two lost travellers, one of which to use for some kind of gay scene with one of the tennis players. Oh wait, they did! That was really strange, yet difficult to watch.

This week’s episode wasn’t exactly what I expected, not one bit. Well I wouldn’t say that actually, we all knew that Ryoma and Kintarou were still very much part of it, all we didn’t know was why and how. We do now though, and I must say; it’s looking pretty darn sweet from where I’m sitting. This reminded me of a scene from an Eyeshield 21 episode, where they headed out to train in the open. The show has only just begun, but it’s starting to look really good. Keep it up!

  1. ofc tennis is better than some strange card playing game!

    i liked it when ryoma lost to that guy. Someone had to put him in his place because he was getting so arrogant

  2. A guy who admits he likes Prince of Tennis? I think I have to follow your blog based only on this fact. Nah, just kidding, I’ve been reading through what you’ve written about PoT and I like it. Your opinions are refreshing and it looks like you haven’t read the manga up to this point, so you have a fresh look at the anime. That is always good.

    The action is pretty nice, isn’t it? But this episode really felt completely different from the previous ones, didn’t it? As for Yuuji and Koharu, I’ve never managed to figure out if they’re just hamming up the gay act for the peanut gallery, or if they’re genuine… A tad annoying, that.

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