Feb 16, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 07

Finally! For a second there I thought that “someone” didn’t want me to see this week’s New Prince of Tennis. I tried to download this week’s episode five times, but neither of them worked out. Only on the sixth time did my torrent finally start downloading. I have no idea why, I’m pretty sure I’ve been a good boy… not.

The story continues as everyone finally reaches the top of the mountain, only to find dozens of high schoolers and a drunken coach waiting for them. Wait, that’s not fair, we don’t know for sure if he was drunk or not. Maybe it’s all part of his ‘look-at-me-I’m-a-tough-guy’ act. Either way; he put all the middle schoolers to work. They started out with a change of clothes and the task to dig a lot of holes. I know, I know… digging holes should have nothing to do with tennis, but if you think that’s strange then you have another thing coming. Digging holes soon changed into going to the river for water and bringing it up the mounting so that the high schoolers have something to drink. After that they were tied to a tree with a rope and left with tennis balls that they had to keep from hitting the round. Their training ended even stranger when they had to cycle on those things that toddlers use, my god.

Oh hold on, I wouldn’t say that their training ended. That coach refused to let them rest. He set up this elaborate training exorcize in order to kill two birds with one stone. He created a match between the high schoolers and middle schoolers. The objective was to be the last one standing in order to win the match. Those who won would have a place to sleep for the night, those who lose… well… just don’t lose. That’s easier said than done though, seeing as playing tennis on that court was very hard due to the uneven terrain. Middle schoolers were dropping like flies, until ultimately Sadaharu and Renji were left standing. These two are known as “data players”. These players use all sorts of information (weather, terrain, environment, etc…) to defeat their opponents.

Things finally started looking up for the middle schoolers, as Sadaharu and Renji were kicking high school ass. It was down to Sadaharu, Renji and three high schoolers, until the coach interrupted the match prematurely and announced the high schoolers as the victors. It seems really unfair, but for now we’ll just have to trust his decisions. It might just be part of his plan, so I’m not going into detail about that. Also, this coach happens to be the one that Kazuya recommended to Ryoma, which is probably why Ryoma seemed so interested in him.

Sigh… this week’s episode left me with so many questions. Oh, I said that Ryoma was interested in the coach, but that coach seemed pretty interested in him as well. Anyway, I think that we can expect another good episode next week from the looks of it. I just hope that they don’t focus on the other players at the actual camp, as I have very little interest in them, as strange as that may seem to some of you.

New Prince of Tennis episode 07 screencaps

  1. I think next episode’s gonna be great. ^^

    I would have wanted to slap the coach silly and scream child abuse, but then I forced myself to remember that these guys actually volunteered for this training. They can up and leave but the lot of them are too stubborn to do that. >_>

  2. The coach may be a drunk but I believe that he knows what he’s doing. He dosen’t seem like a stupid man. Besides didn’t Kazuya recommend him in the first place?

    We will have to wait till next week. I’m sure the results of his training will become clearer!

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