Feb 23, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 08

I was looking forward to this week’s episode of New Prince of Tennis. That’s why it’s too bad that this week’s episode was a pointless comedy. Mind you, I like a little bit of comedy, but this was just too much for one episode, so I’m afraid that I’ll have to keep this post short.

This week’s episode revolved around three unlucky dropouts, one of which was Ryoma. They were assigned a “special mission” by their coach. This sounds pretty cool, but in reality he just wanted to restock on supplies (mainly sake) be having them steal from the “U-17” camp. Their journey to that place was pointless and filled with dry comedy. It was strange to see Ryoma participate in such childish activities, seeing as he’s always trying to act like sure a mature big shot. Strange indeed, but I’ll admit that I laughed a few times. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t.

They managed to reach the camp alright, so that’s half of the work already. Infiltrating without getting caught was the biggest challenge. It was quite obvious that this mission of theirs was planned out. They had hints, courses and all sorts of obstacles waiting for them. It became even more obvious when Itaru monitored the whole situation even before they entered. It seems like this was some sort of test after all, although a pointless one if you ask me.  How could they possibly improve their game by breaching the camp’s security? Way too strange…

The three stooges managed to get passed all the levels of security in order to get the supplies. They would’ve gotten in and out without any trouble if that fat bastard hadn’t charged in there to get some food. However, Ryoma decided to bring back a bit of Sadaharu’s special killer juice instead of sake, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the coach later on. Perhaps he’s a monster after all?

That was pretty much this week’s episode. God that sounds boring. They need to hurry up and train Ryoma already, seeing as this season only has thirteen episodes. Jesus, we’re already at episode eight, so we only have five left! Oh god, I bet they’re going to rush things, just like when they did when the series just started in 2001.

New Prince of Tennis episode 08 screencaps

  1. I’ve read several of your posts, GameDemon. That being said; I rather see two more season of Phi Brain than having to watch this.

    This dry and pointless comedy gets old. But that’s not my main issue. My main issue would be that it never changes; it’s always just tennis.

    At least in Phi Brain you get a different kind of puzzle every week.

    • i do not agree

      phi brain is always the same story always the same characters and always the same outcome

      prince of tennis is always different you dont know what you are going to see unlike with phi brain

  2. I’m just the opposite, I think. THIS is the Prince of Tennis I love. The random crack and the interaction between the guys, especially outside the tennis courts and across the teams. I really LOVED this episode, in my opinion the best one of the season yet. More episodes like these, please~

  3. I feel a little bit foolish,is the twist serve even possible?

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