Mar 1, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 09

Here we go again with yet another episode of the New Prince of Tennis. I was happy to see that this episode wasn’t another one of those pointless comedies. Quite the opposite actually; it turned out to be a very interesting and amusing episode. I was also very happy to see the results of their training, maybe their coach isn’t such a drunken fool as some of us thought he was after all.

The story continues as we witness yet another strange training method. Everyone had a red balloon tied to their pants. The objective was to ensure the safety of that balloon. However, that could prove to be quite the difficult task when you have a lot of eagles flying about, trying to pop your balloon. You see, their coach covered those balloons with some sort of odour that makes the eagles want to attack it. That all sounds very fun on the surface, but that smile soon vanishes when you find out that the punishment for failing is the washing of the coach’s loincloths. Imagine; washing dozens and dozens of loincloths with the scent of an old man’s crotch. Oh… the horror.

Needless to say that nobody wanted to come near the coach’s loincloths, which is why they tried their very best to avoid those damned eagles. Some of the players learned new techniques or movements whilst avoiding them. I always knew that there was something strange about that old man, I guess now we know why. He has been constantly training them all along, improvement their stamina, power, stability and agility. Every aspect was thoroughly trained without them even noticing. They only became aware of their progress when they saw Ryoma and Kintarou play a one on one to see who the better player was. That’s when the other players started noticing their own improvements.

I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing though. I mean… They became this good because they were unaware of it, right? There’s no guarantee that they will continue to show such incredible progress from here on out. Some people tend to get a little bit overconfident when they find out that they’ve become quite a bit better. That might just stop them from progressing any further. Although that probably won’t happen in this case, as I doubt that the coach would allow it. He’s a pretty strict man.

New Prince of Tennis just got a whole lot more interesting. It won’t be long now before Ryoma returns to request a rematch against Kazuya, the U-17’s current number one. Oh, and to answer some of the mails I got: I have no idea why you don’t see any female tennis players. Maybe it’s because, just like with almost every other sport, women just can’t compete with men on a fair level. It’s scientifically proven that men have a lot more muscle than women.  Sorry.

New Prince of Tennis episode 09 screencaps

  1. Also a great episode~ My thoughts about it (check my livejournal if you’re interested) aren’t nearly as coherent as yours, but I immensely enjoyed it. ^_^

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