Mar 8, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 10

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this episode. I knew that Kunimitsu would be in it, but never could I have imagined that he would be playing against Seigaku’s former captain, Yamato Yūdai. This episode turned out to be a lot more amusing than I had anticipated. Not just because of the match, but also because of all the info we picked up during this episode.

The episode starts out with yet another training exorcize for Ryoma and his friends. They had to play with heavy tennis rackets that had a lead filling. Just holding one of those rackets proved to be a challenge, so imagine playing with one. That coach truly has no mercy on his precious little disciples. Sure, Ryoma seemed to be doing just fine by swinging that racket back and forth, but it was clear that his mind was clouded by Yamato’s invitation to come watch the match between him and Kunimitsu. The coach realized that something was amiss, so he sent Ryoma off the field to deal with his ‘problems’.

Meanwhile the match between Kunimitsu had started, and it already proved to be a very entertaining one. Kunimitsu scored point after point until he had a one game lead. That’s when Yamato picked up the pace by utilizing Kunimitsu’s weakness. That’s right, who would’ve known? It appears that even Kunimitsu has a weakness that he didn’t know about.

Kunimitsu has a very unique ability; the ability to read his opponent’s moments and predict where will hit the ball. This gives him time to react whilst thinking of a way to defeat his opponent. However, this turned out to be his weakness. Yamato knew this, which is why he changed the ball’s course as he hit it, resulting in Kunimitsu hitting but air. That’s Kunimitsu decided to use that special technique of his to reflect all incoming balls, knowing that it could very well destroy his arm.

Ryoma showed up just in time to watch the rest of the match. Yamato had successfully talked Kunimitsu to pay for himself by this point, and that’s when the real match began. Things took an even more unexpected turn when Kunimitsu used the same “ultimate move” as Ryoma during the nationals, “the pinnacle of perfection”. That’s what won him that game. I guess it’s goodbye for Kunimitsu, seeing as he’s probably going to Germany to play tennis on a professional level.

This leaves Ryoma in a tight spot. It is now his responsibility to become the new, and I quote; “pillar of support for Seigaku”. That means that he will have to train even harder in order to defeat Kazuya in a one on one. This season only has thirteen episodes, so it shouldn’t take long now. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

New Prince of Tennis episode 10 screencaps

  1. I don’t get their training at all

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