Mar 15, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 11

Is it just me or is HorribleSubs getting earlier with each passing week? I recall that New Prince of Tennis was released around this time only, instead of 1 – 2 hours ago. Either way; I like it. I just wished that people would stop complaining about their subs. Don’t watch if you don’t like it, period.

It’s a sad day for all Kunimitsu fans. It seems that he finally packed his bags and left the camp for good. I can’t blame the guy. Why stay at some school camp when you can go pro? He made the obvious decision. Wanting to help your friends is fine, but sacrificing your own future is a definite no-no. Sure, everyone is sad to see him go, but nobody in their right mind would ask him to stay.

Shuusuke was no exception, but he just wanted one final match against Kunimitsu before he left for good. I’m not sure what he was aiming for, but I’m sure he had his reasons. He probably wanted to try out a new move or experience Kunimitsu’s progress first-hand. Either way; I hope he got what he asked for.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Ryoma’s progress, but I guess that’ll have to wait till next week. This week was mostly about Keigo and his match against Irie, one of those annoying high school students. This guy has way too much self-esteem, a huge ego and a very big mouth. No wonder he didn’t win. He kept bragging about his ability whilst holding back during the first five sets. He soon showed what he was capable off, but that only caused Keigo to improve even more, thereby discovering yet another ability of sorts. The match seemed like forever, even from my point of view, but it soon came to an end when both players were unable to continue. It’s all up to the next match, because the winner of the next match will carry his court to victory.

You know what actually caught my attention about this show? It’s that some people continue to talk negatively about this show, but that the ratings keep increasing with each episode. Goes to show that you can badmouth all you want, but it won’t work if the majority of viewers think otherwise. The show is now standing firm on an eight point one. Very impressive indeed.

Finally I would like to send this post by saying one thing; I’m worried. That’s right, I’m worried. I’m worried that they will rush the ending with some awful and pointless scenes. There are only two episodes left, but Ryoma and the rest are still training in the mountains. How the hell could they possibly wrap this up within just two episodes? The ending of Prince of Tennis , the prequel, was a bit strange as well. I’m starting to get anxious again…

New Prince of Tennis episode 11 screencaps

  1. Well, in the manga, the Atobe – Irie battle lasted for at least 8 chapters, so… It WAS long. ^^;;

    • Shin PoT Manga reader says:

      Its a good blog but you have misunderstood Irie completely.
      He is amongst the strongest players in the camp.
      If you read the Manga you will realize his strength is in fact Top 10 level.
      And that he didnt actually go all out on Atobe.
      (Sorry for Spoilers).

  2. thats exactly why i gave up on the manga

    who wants to read 8 or more chapters about the same dam match???

  3. it was kind of a setback if you ask me

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