Mar 22, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 12

I have been waiting for Naruto Shippuuden all day, only to find out that they’re taking a well-deserved break this week. No matter, this week’s New Prince of Tennis more than made up for it. I was a little bit worried at first, but I’m starting to see the ending, a good ending I might add.

The episode starts out with their harsh training. It seems that everything is going according to that coach’s plans. Everyone has gotten used to the usual training schedules and they’re all improving at a remarkable rate. They really will be able to defeat the camp’s players if they keep this up. The ones that tried the most, believe it or not, were those high school students. It seems that they have been sacrificing a lot of sleep-time in order to continue their training at night. I guess that they’re not just loud mouths after all, and that they are capable of putting their money where their mouth is.

The training went well for all, but it was nearing its end when everyone got their final assignment; to climb a small mountain and stop a single ball from hitting the ground. It sounds strange, I know, but there was a reason behind it. Ryoma managed to hit the ball, winning the reward for all of the middle school students by doing so. The reward? Just keep running in a straight line while you hit several tennis balls. Keep it up until you reach the finish and you can re-enter the camp to challenge the players. I thought they were going to rush things, but this is actually not a bad way to end things. I just hope that I’m going to see a good match between Ryoma and Kazuya during next week’s episode.

I was sceptical at first, but I’m glad that I decided to follow New Prince of Tennis. I could’ve picked so much worse. Still, I’m a little bit nervous about the final episode; there are a lot of players that returned to the camp for a match, and there’s definitely not enough time to show all of them. There are only two actual matches that I want to see; Ryoma versus Kazuya and Kintarou versus Oni.

Oh, before I forget, I asked around and it seems that it’s highly likely that we’ll see a new Prince of Tennis season any time soon. The overall ratings for the show have been alright, but they’re slightly below average in Japan, or so I’ve been told. This means that we don’t have to expect any more Prince of Content any time soon, apart from the occasional OVA.

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