Jan 14, 2016

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Nijiiro Days

It’s technically not an anime-short since it’s at least ten minutes per episode, but that does not change the fact that I’m kind of writing this against my will.

Nijiiro DaysThe artwork is so-so and that’s me being quite generous. I am not a big fan of pretty-boy anime because those characters usually end up looking gay or so random that you couldn’t even tell them apart in a ten-character line-up.

The story just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s so boring and pointless. I’m not a huge fan of slice of life stuff to begin with.

I don’t see myself watching this next week and I don’t see why I should tell people to do otherwise. It’s just not interesting.

Plot Summary: Natsuki, Tomoya, Keiichi, and Tsuyoshi are high school students and close friends: The four boys have no club activities, and they hurry through their studies so they can spend their days having fun. Their main topic of interest: love. Natsuki has an unrequited crush on Anna, a girl from another class, and his friends keep meddling in their relationship.

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