Jan 8, 2012

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Here we go again. I liked Bakemonogatari, it was fresh and very new, and so I can only hope that this show will be just as good. I understand that this is merely an adaption, but still, doesn’t that give this show the responsibility to uphold the standards set by Bakemonogatari?

I have very little complaints about the artwork. At some point I started having Mirror’s Edge flashbacks, so I might just grab that game out of the closet. I stand firm behind my opinion though; I really think this show could do better with less of those gag anime expressions.

As for the story, well… Is there even a story to begin with? I could somewhat grasp the story when Bakemonogatari first started, but I find it rather difficult with this show. Mind you, there were a lot of funny and interest scenes, so I’m not actually complaining, but I really was unable to make something out of it.

Anyway, I’m not sure I would recommend it. I would definitely recommend Bakemonogatari, but this is different. It can only go two ways from here on out; it either goes very well, complimenting Bakemonogatari, or it could turn out to be an disaster, smudging Bakemonogatari’s name forever. Only time will tell.

Plot Summary: In Bakemonogatari, the story centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who has recently survived a vampire attack, and finds himself mixed up with all kinds of apparitions: gods, ghosts, myths, and spirits. However, in Nisemonogatari, we pick up right where we left off and follow Koyomi as the psychological twists delve deeper and deeper…

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    i have already watch bakemonogatari and nisemonogatari.

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