Sep 2, 2011

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No.6 episode 09

Well, this certainly is a different way to start an episode. Rikiga tried to capture some guy by putting on a fake show. He used Dogkeeper as bait, with the fake intentions of whoring her out to that man. Fortunately for Dogkeeper that it was all a scheme to capture that man. After that Dogkeeper left the room in tears, saying that no one came to help. But Shion stayed by Dogkeeper’s side and by touching Dogkeeper’s shoulders he seems to have discovered something. Personally, I think it’s the truth behind Dogkeeper, her being a girl and all… Because it looks like everyone thinks that Dogkeeper is a guy.

From what I can gather from watching this episode, it looks like they are going to make their move on No.6 soon. They are talking about “The Holy Day” that’s about to take place in No.6 for some reason. But suddenly, after learning about this day, the village where Shion now lives gets attacked by soldiers sent from No.6 to bring the people back to a correctional facility.

Shion and Nezumi ended up getting captured after their pointless struggle to escape. But Nezumi let out that it was part of the plan to infiltrate their facility. I Have a feeling that this is how they’re going to save Safu. But seriously, this is not how I expected it to go, not one bit. My earlier suspicion of the bakery being used as a safe house is now completely gone.

Anyway, after hearing Nezumi sing while they’re being transported to a correctional facility, you’ll see some weird scene through Safu’s eyes, which means she’s alive. Safu, being inside an tube filled with a liquid of sorts, appears to have changed somehow. I think Shion’s quest to save Safu has just become a lot harder. I think it’ll become one of those cliché battles; the ‘defeat-her-first-before-you-can-save-her’ type of battle. But we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

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    good ep

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