Sep 9, 2011

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No.6 episode 10

I somehow started loving Thursday. Seriously, all the good episodes get aired on Thursday. Naruto Shippuuden, Usagi Drop, No.6 and (a bit later at night) Mayo Chiki. Can I get a hooray Thursday?

This is it. I was under the impression that the captured would be transported to a correctional facility. How wrong I was. They were simply being dumped into a mass grave, or more specifically; a humongous mountain of dead bodies. They soon climbed the dead bodies all the way to the top in order to infiltrate the facility.

They successfully infiltrated alright, but that was merely the easy part. They had to stay on guard as they move throughout the facility. With the help of the Rikiga and Inukasih, who set off a stink bomb, they managed to infiltrate the facility all the way to the top. Unfortunately they encountered some resistance; gaurds opened fire on Nezumi and managed to score two hits. Nezumi was about to get killed when Shion shot the last guard, by doing so saving Nezumi’s life.

They advance to the top level where they meet Safu. Somehow, even though after all that happened, this was way too easy. Safu has definitely been brain washed and I think that Shion isn’t doing too well either. He hasn’t been himself ever since he had to climb death mountain. He knows things about the facility that he shouldn’t know, he hears things and suddenly he was merciless and killed a person for the first time, all because of that facility. I think the next episode is going to answer a huge load of questions, I can’t wait.

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