Sep 15, 2011

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No.6 episode 11

Well. The last episode finally arrived, and yet here I sit with many questions still unanswered. The ending was really bad, not to mention weird as hell. But enough with the spoilers.

This episode continues where the last one left off, with Nezuma and Shion finally meeting up with Safu, or so they thought. The Safu that Shion once knew is no more, Safu’s body is merely used as a medium by Elyurias, some sort of goddess. Shion did not notice at first, but she couldn’t fool Nezumi. Nezumi and Shion started to exchange words, after having been told that one of them must destroy no.6’s main computer in order to destroy the corrupt city. Shion lost control and wanted to do it himself, but Nezumi quickly knocked him out because he didn’t wanted Shion to be tainted any more. Nezumi managed to plant the bomb and take Shion to the elevator, leaving Safu’s body behind.

Meanwhile the city is in a state of chaos and anarchy. The killer bees are finally hatching, leaving countless of bodies lifeless on the ground. Inukashi and Rikiga decided to bail and head for the exit, where they meet Nezumi and Shion who have been shot whilst trying to escape. It looked like Shion wasn’t going to make it, and the ceiling was about to give in, so Inukashi, who is known to fear death a lot, decided to leave together with Rikiga, leaving Shion and Nezumi behind. Nezumi wouldn’t leave Shion, who had already lost consciousness. Then, when the ceiling finally gave in, they were saved by Elyurias, thanks to Safu. Somehow, after that incident, their wounds seemed to have been healed.

Finally! The city called No.6 is no more. The two look upon the destroyed city one more time before setting out together. The people have finally been freed of corruption. The people look upon the sky with confusion and relief.

Shion, at the end, parts ways with Nezumi. But he’s not alone for long, one of Inukashi’s dogs delivers him a baby. The same baby that he had saved during the attack, when No.6’s soldiers came and killed all those who refused to cooperate and captured those that did. The end is confusing as hell, seriously. Why?! Why not meet up with his mother? Why not stay with Nezumi? If new content of No.6 arrives before any Usagi Drop content, I’m going to be really pissed off.

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