Apr 14, 2014

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No Game No Life

What the hell? Why didn’t this catch my eye sooner? This truly was a very pleasant surprise. I dare call it a must-write at this point. I thought it was going to be another one of those stories about a NEET and his live behind a pc screen.

No Game No LifeThe artwork… wow. It looks amazing. It really, really does. I really like this style and I think it fits the story perfectly. It’s so colourful and detailed that I cannot look away. In fact, my phone rang as I was watching this episode, so I “feeling” its position because I couldn’t look away. Needless to say that I was too late and had to call back later after I finished watching the first episode.

I thought I was going to have to follow Sora and Shiro as they wasted away in that room playing games. Well, at least for the most part. I also thought that it could be like dot hack, where the characters were dragged into a game and couldn’t log out of out. But no… This is different and it’s very good!

Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. Just to make sure you got the message: watch it. This is arguably the best show this season. Mahouka is good, it really is, but this might just be a little bit better. I am completely hooked right now.

Plot Summary: Genius gamer siblings (plus being NEET & hikikomori) Sora and Shiro are known as the undefeatable “__” (blank). Their talents and skills are so good they are considered as urban legend. One day, a young boy named Teto appears before them, claiming to be the “God” of another dimension where Sora and Shiro are summoned to, in which no violence is allowed and everything is decided by a game. Of the 16 different races residing in this world, “Humanity” is the weakest. After having the vast majority of their lands captured by the other races and being driven to the brink of extinction, Sora and Shiro challenge these one-of-a-kind battles of the intellectual powers in order to save Humanity.

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