Nov 29, 2015

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Noragami Aragoto episode 09

I honestly don’t even want to write this post. It’s like I’m watching a filler. Slow progress in a story is one thing, but now we actually seem to be regressing. I am truly disappointed by how this is going right now. This better end soon…

[Ohys-Raws] Noragami Aragoto - 09 (MBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_10.26_[2015.11.28_23.50.05]Yato is still being controlled by his ‘father’ and that former Regalia of his. I hate it. He is once again being forced to do all their dirty work and all I can do is ask myself why. He is plenty powerful on his own. He can just ‘release’ that Regalia and be done with it. She, apparently, has plenty of other masteries anyway so it doesn’t matter.

What also pisses me off is that Yato knew that Ebisu is behind those masked phantoms and he still helped him. That’s just nuts. He finally became an actual god with some new privileges and now look at what he’s doing; he’s helping a corrupted god that’s wanted by all the other gods. I think it’s time to cash in some favours because he really needs help… Please just kill that Regalia already!

And I absolutely hate the fact that Hiyori has once again lost her memories and that she’s actually kissing other guys now. It just makes me want to stop watching.

Noragami Aragoto episode 09 screencaps

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