Jan 9, 2016

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Norn9: Norn+Nonet

Well I certainly won’t be watching this. My god… This is so plain that I had a hard time following it. It’s not even that interesting.

Norn9 Norn+NonetLet’s face it; it’s all about pretty boys and girls falling in love with them. Throw in a bit of supernatural crap and voila; you have this.

The story is just too weak for me. It didn’t pique my interest whatsoever. At one point I thought something cool was about to happen when I saw one of the characters use some kind of weird power, but no…

I cannot recommend this. It looks like this might be for girls or guys that have set the bar very low. My bar is pretty up there and I am pretty sure I still have a penis. So no for me.

Plot Summary: The era where great powers of the world have all ventured overseas. Revolution and liberalism spread all over the world. Right when souls and earth are ill, a glowing sphere appeared in the sky, and removed the borders of the world. Three girls and nine young men depart together with a flying ship.

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